PTS1 Pallet Conveyor
Conveying Medium: Special toothed belt ...
PTS1/H Pallet Conveyor
Conveying Medium: Nylon base belt ...
PTS2 Pallet Conveyor
Conveying Medium: Accumulation Chain ...
PTS4 Pallet Conveyor
Conveying Medium: Accumulation Chain ...
PTS5 Pallet Conveyor
Conveying Medium: Roller ...
The pallet is used as ...
Round Belt Curve
Dimensions ranging in ...
Lift and Transverse Unit
Compact structure, small space ...
Lift and Positioning Unit
Repeated positioning accuracy ...
Rotate Unit
Comparing with round belt curve ...
Lift Unit
Multiple lift and conveying module ...
Conveying Control Device
The control device is an essential ...
Modular Conveyor System
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Tina Jiang
Bobby Li
Faye Shen

Industrial aluminum profiles
and accessories

There is a complete range of aluminum profiles and diverse accessories for MAS. It can be assembled quickly in any structural form.
Machine Guard System

The special design of guarding profiles offers better appearance and unique fastening elements to realize faster and safer connections.
Stair and Platform System

The assembly of SPS can be realized easily by simply fastening screws without any special machining.
Tubular Framing System

TFS can build a diverse range of flow racks and material shuttles. It is simple and quick to use, also low cost.
Modular Assembly System
PTS1 Pallet Conveyor Line
PTS1/H Pallet Conveyor Line
PTS4 Pallet Conveyor Line
PTS2 Pallet Conveyor Line
PTS5 Pallet Conveyor Line
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